BW Reisen Info! + Demos

Voice Traits

  • Realistic voice.
  • Faithful representation of his voice provider.
  • Shares the same voice provider of Cet Lehner, so they have a similar voice color.
  • Does not have the opera-esque style like Cet does.
  • Has a strong German accent.


  • Tri Pitch voice library.
  • Able to use the CV V Input.
  • Auto-GROWL.
  • Has extra phonemes.

Technical Traits

  • His voice range is G1~C#4.
  • Works better between 50~180 BPM.
  • Consonant Vowel (CV) voice library.
  • Can sing in Japanese.
  • English and German voice libraries are been working on.

Demo songs

*This information may vary, since BW Reisen is not finished yet.

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