Cet_GROWL Version 2.0.0

Box art of Cet_GROWL
Art work by bunny-hopp-ns

Cet_GROWL Version 2.0.0

Cet_GROWL V.2.0.0 is the first version of the COLOR Voice Bank series of Cet.
This Japanese Voice Bank does not have some extra phonemes that make Cet able to mimic some languages besides Japanese, like the Original Cet does. However, this Voice Bank is a CVVC (Consonant-Vowel-Vowel-Consonant) and that's useful to make Cet_GROWL sing in other languages like Spanish or English, for example.
Cet_GROWL is a voice perfect for death metal songs. He can reach very low ranges, even lower than the Original Cet!
You can watch a demo video below:

Cet_GROWL Version 2.0.0 can be downloaded via the follow link: Cet_GROWL
Cet comes in a UAR file, it is an executable file, that means, Cet will be installed just by double-clicking on the UAR.

Cet_GROWL is also available as a physical copy (of course, for free). In order to get a physical copy of Cet, you have to download this ZIP file, that file contains a DVD jacket and a CD label. You can print them using special software.

Remember to visit the Downloads Page, where you can download extra files for Cet!

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