Nadja Metalriff

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- Gender: Female
- Default language: Japanese
- Supports: English, Spanish
- Optimum Range: F3~C5
- Optimum Tempo: 20~220BPM

- Encoded in Romaji with Hiragana aliases
- Optimum resampler: TIPS
- Suited for: Metal, Rock, Electro

- Art design by Lehner Records
- Voiced by Coll

Nadja is an aggressive voice suited for metal or rock music.
Her voice comes with a bit of screaming, so adding her a growl effect with "Charsiesis" or similar software, you can get very realistic results perfect for death metal songs.
Nadja can handle both fast and low tempos. She sounds better in high ranges.
Nadja is a Japanese voice library but CVVC samples and extra phonemes have also been recorded in order to make her able to sing in other languages, such as English, German or Spanish.

Nadja's extra phonemes are:

- rr_   - Like in Spanish "peRRo"
- rh_  - Like in German "Reise"
- r-_   - Like in English "aRound"
- _@  - Like in American English "caR"
- l_    - Like in Spanish "hoLa"
- ll_   - Like in English "sheLL"
- dh_ - Like in English "THis"
- th_  - Like in English "THink"
- v_   - Like in English "Very"

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