Cet COLOR Version 2.0.0 + E.V.E.C.

Cet_COLOR Version 2.0.0

Cet_COLOR V.2.0.0 is an Extension Voice Bank of Cet.
This Voice Bank includes three Voice Banks in one, in order to use them with a Tag System, so you can combine them and get better results with more emotion in your songs.
Cet_COLOR includes Cet_OPERA, Cet_ROCK and Cet_GROWL. While OPERA is the main voice, ROCK uses the tag #RCK and GROWL the tag #GWL.

Since this version comes with Cet_OPERA V2, it features also the Decay Mode and the CV V Input.
He also comes with full E.V.E.C. capabilites. This samples are V-V recordings. In order to use E.V.E.C., you have to use some tags acording to this chart:

_#1  -> DARK
_#2  -> CUTE
_#3  -> POWER
_#4  -> CRYSTAL
_#-  -> DEVOICED

Listen to a cover song below, in which Cet_OPERA,  Cet_ROCK and E.V.E.C. are used:

Cet_COLOR Version 2.0.0 can be downloaded via the following link: Cet_COLOR
Cet comes in a UAR file, it is an executable file, that means, Cet will be installed just by double-clicking on the UAR.

Cet_COLOR is also available as a physical copy (of course, for free). In order to get a physical copy of Cet, you have to download this ZIP file, that file contains a DVD jacket and a CD label. You can print them using special software.

Remember to visit the Downloads Page, where you can download extra files for Cet!

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