The Original Cet is replaced with the OPERA Voice Library

On 9th August (first anniversary of Cet) the Original Voice Library of Cet will be no longer available and will be replaced with Cet_OPERA.

That means Cet_OPERA is now the new core Voice Library

The reason behind this decision is that Cet Lehner was the first version of the software and has lots of bugs and is a low-quality voice library, while OPERA is a high-quility voice library and corrects the bugs and glitches the orignal bank had. 

The name of the product will remain as Cet Lehner, though. 

However, the physical version of the Original Cet Lehner is still downloadable from our downloads page in case you need/want it.

is a high-quality Voice Library and includes new features like CV V Input or Decay Mode.

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