Cet Lehner 2015

Cet Lehner 2015

Cet Lehner 2015 or Cet_OPERA V.2.1.0 is the new core voice library of the UTAU Cet series.


  • · CVVC Voice Library (CV, CVV, V, VV, VC)
  • · Hiragana and Roman Aliases
  • · CV V Input
  • · Decay Mode
  • · Extra Sounds
  • · HQ Sound
  • · Includes 4 Breaths

Voice Samples


This voice library can be downloaded via the follow link:

Cet comes in a UAR file, it is an executable file, that means, Cet will be installed just by double-clicking on the UAR.

Remember to visit the Downloads Page, where you can download extra files for Cet!

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